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Meet our Student Council 2019

Over recent weeks students from across the College have gone through a thorough selection process to join our Student Council. The council will meet every few weeks to discuss issues which are important to students and the College. The Student Council is an important part of student voice, it includes 14 students – two from each year group and is chaired by Mr Douglas.

Areas of focus for the council will be Teaching & Learning, Student Support, The College Community and Extra-Curricular Provision and Participation. Minutes of all meetings will be sent to the Principal so the issues raised can be discussed with the College’s Senior Leadership Team, who then report back to the council on what action is being taken.

Student Council 2019


Year 8 - Gabriel Rooney, Jack Fusco

Year 9 - Conor Mullan, Aidan McGroggan

Year 10 - Luigi Anzellini, James McDonald


Year 11 - Fearghal Creagh, Matthew Milner

Year 12 - Piaras Finucane, Ronan McMahon


Year 13 - Dylan Doran, SP Houston

Year 14 - Patrick Burns, Neill Kelly

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