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Musicians excel in Clonard Monastery

Our Annual Concert was held in Clonard Monastery on Sunday 7th April at 7pm. Watched and enjoyed by a huge audience within the church and by countless viewers at home and abroad via the Clonard Webcam, our young musicians put on what can only be described as one of the best concerts the College has enjoyed in years.

One audience member's words sum up the evening perfectly:

"It was an uplifting and spiritual experience in every sense where something transcendent emerged from all the collective talents and cumulative input, practice and effort of all concerned. There was great 'soul' in the variety of music and great imagination and sensitivity in performance. The organisation, switch-overs between pieces, general demeanour and commitment of the boys were impeccable. The amount of willed effort, perseverance and attention to detail required over a long period to reach such standards on all fronts is extraordinary. Congratulations to all concerned and my thanks for a lovely evening in a superb setting."

Well done, boys, we are extremely proud of you. Thanks also to the team at Clonard Monastery for their hospitality and for allowing us to perform in such a beautiful venue. Gloria Ab Intus!

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