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Year 8 Man of the Month - March 19

8A: Jay Duffy - Jay is an extremely well mannered, dedicated and kind student who always goes the extra mile. He can always be relied upon to do the right thing and is a great friend to his classmates in 8A. He commits to a range of extra-curricular activities and has an excellent merit record for courtesy, outstanding work, helping peers, excellent effort and academic achievement.

8B: Christopher McKay Quinn and Cailan Heatley - Joint winners - Who both raised £70 each for Trocaire. They made a massive effort and demonstrated extreme kindness and determination.

8C: Lorcan Moore - Lorcan is a diligent and mannerly young man who is consistently well behaved and courteous. He is a valued member of the form class and always gives his best in each of his subjects

8D: Segdae MacAdhaimh - He is an enthusiastic member of the class who has fully immersed himself in College life. He cares about other students and is a good friend to many. He is working extremely hard and is keen to reach his full potential.

8E: Eoghan Laverty - Eoghan has a very friendly and outgoing personality, his behaviour is excellent at all times. He has an impressive 36 merits! He is doing extremely well in all classes and has scored very well in recent CATS.

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