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Year 10 Man of the Month - November/December 2019

10A - Jack Griffin

Jack is a breath of fresh air. He is polite, mannerly and was fundamental in 10A’s SvP preparation. He always greets you with a smile and his positivity is contagious amongst the class.

10B - Vincent Limousin

For great work in all classes, demonstrating a high commitment to College life and also having zero demerits

10C - Aaron McKeown

Aaron made a great start to Year 10, and has already been awarded 12 achievement points for excellent effort in class and in assessment tasks. Aaron has 100% attendance and is always punctual. I have every confidence he will continue to excel this year.

10D - Matthew Gilhooly

Continued excellence and commitment across the curriculum. A fantastic attitude to his work, and a great student overall.

10E - Fionnbarr O’Loingsigh

Model student. Always works hard, is polite, courteous and gets fully involved in everything he is asked to do.

10F - Fintan McLaughlin

This is for being a courteous student, with an excellent attitude and merit record. A pleasure to have in 10F.

10A - Michael McCrudden

Michael is a determined student with a strong work ethic. He has demonstrated the right attitude in striving to reach his potential in both his studies and his merit record. It has been lovely to witness such great effort, and I hope he keeps up the excellent work. Very well deserved.

10B - Oran Graham

This award is for his efforts in class, which have enabled him to achieve a high merit total. This high merit total is indicative of his brilliant attitude to his studies and to College life.

10C - Sean Flannery (Not in photo)

Sean has made an excellent start to Year 10. He is working to his full potential and achieving some excellent results across a wide range of subjects. His settled and committed approach is reflected in his merit record. I have every confidence Sean will work hard in the final months of KS3 as he prepares to enter into his GCSEs. Well done.

10D - Eoin Prenter

Excellent attitude to learning and a high level of achievement points. A wonderful asset to 10D.

10E - Kevin Donald

Always brightens up 10E with his cheerful attitude. His help on both Open Nights was invaluable, and very much appreciated.

10F - Simon Mulholland

A very dedicated and hardworking student. His attitude to his studies is excellent, and is demonstrated in his outstanding performance in the Winter Examinations.

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