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True Colours 2022

True Colours has returned and CCEA have created a virtual exhibition, showcasing 49 GCSE, AS and A2 students’ work from across N. Ireland. It has been modelled on one of the Ulster Museum’s galleries and is well worth a visit.

Eoin Conroy’s A2 brilliant digital animations were selected and they really suit the virtual format. He made these 3D animations using Blender software and his creative skillset. Eoin is currently studying Illustration at University of the Arts London and we wish him all the best.

CCEA’s Education Manager for Art & Design, Anne McGinn commented:

“Students have demonstrated their ability to be resilient and utilise the Covid-19 restriction periods to their advantage by using art and design as way to channel energy and creativity in a positive and beneficial way. ”

To explore the virtual exhibition please click on the link:

To find Eoin’s work you can click on the Exhibition Zone and search by school.

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