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Year 10 soccer success in the Belfast Cup

The Year 10 soccer team recorded a historic treble in the Belfast Cup with a 1-0 victory over Rathmore Grammar at Solitude of Friday 18th May.

Despite the tight score line, Mr McGuinness (Head coach) commented that the St Malachy’s side ‘were dominant in possession’ and ‘proved to be a dangerous attacking threat from the first to the last whistle’. He went on to say that he and Mr O’Neill (Assistant coach) had ‘nothing but respect and admiration’ for their dedication, commitment and effort.

The two sides were eventually divided by a ‘classy right-footed finish’ from Sean Duffy (10B) at a wet and blustery Solitude. Duffy’s scoring record this season has been impressive and his skill and precision inside the six yard box has resulted in a number of goals in the cup competition. Man of Match went to Rowan McConnell, described by Mr McGuinness as ‘nothing short of a concrete wall at the back’.

Mr McGuinness also commended Rathmore Grammar as ‘worthy opponents’ who were ‘gracious in defeat’.

Congratulations to the boys and their coaches on this great achievement.

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