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Dr Bro McFerran, Allstate NI

Mr Paul McBride welcomes Mr Bro McFerran back to the newly refurbished College Hall

Mr McBride and Mr McFerran with Mr Roch Crozier Head of ICT and Mrs Moorehead

Today, Tuesday 10 November, we were privileged to welcome a past pupil back to the College to visit and to speak with pupils.

Dr Bro McFerran has been at the forefront of I.T. development for more than four decades and offered some sage advice to staff and pupils.

Year 13 and 14 pupils from a range of disciplines were enthralled by his tales of hard work, perspicuity and achievements and we know that his input today will have repercussions tomorrow and in the future.

Our pupils heard of Bro’s career progression and success from his days as a shy St. Malachy’s College boy through to a brief time in the Civil Service and on to careers and companies which span the globe.

His advice to the pupils was career oriented but he was particularly keen that they all develop self-confidence and a belief in their abilities and talents. His rally cry to them was clear; “Have the belief that you can do it!”

Here, in the College, we believe that all our boys have the talent, we offer them the opportunities and with alumni like Bro McFerran coming to give of his time and enthusiasm, we hope that they will begin to develop the belief that they will, in fact, believe that they can do it.

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